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1. Your Name? Its in the watermak duh.
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well I know this is late, but AX ending on monday really messed things up and I've been having to rush some work. So lets see where I can start

Day 0

Well I woke up early from about 3-4 hours of sleep. Went through the morning routine, then finished packing some stuff. Then I proceeded to wait for my ride Munchlax aka Roxie :iconlil-kute-dream: to get here. She was a little late, but I kinda expected it lol so I didn't mind, just a little more time for me to relax a bit before con clusterfuckery. Anyway after she got there and picked me up, we had to get gas for her car first then headed up to LA. Had to go check into my hotel, so went there first before going to the con to meet the others. A bit hilarious but Roxie got hit on as soon as we parked cos she was wearing princess jasmine lol. oh parking attendants. anway so check in, they messed up the reservation >> so ended up in this tiny ass room with one bed. complained, was told to check back later to see if they had any bigger rooms. so just dropped my stuff off in that small room and went to the con. Met up with Jo :iconjoluffirosauce:, who was Aladdin. So we had a little shoot until it was time to go eat all-you-can-eat korean bbq. My friend Nick dropped by before we started the shoot too, and met up with Matt and Christine for a bit when they dropped by to get Christine's badge. After that was all done, most of us went to the korean bbw place in k-town. fuuu finding parking there, eventually just settled for the restaurant's valet.We were a bit late, but that just meant we didn't have to wait as long for food lol. mmmm foood sooo good, except the stupid chicken >< cook damn you cook. There was also some meat causalities, oh well it happens. That place was pricy though, never have I had to pay $22 for k-bbq. Anyway afterwards Roxie needed to drop me back off at the hotel, because some of the people in the room were waiting and she needed to head to Cinthya's house to work on finishing their cosplay and skit. Met with Marissa A :iconinarafirefly: and her bf eric, and moved what was left of my stuff and nick's stuff that he'd dropped off from Roxie's car to Eric's so she could skidaddle. Went to hotel, to the room dropped off stuff, went back to the car to meet heather who'd just gotten there, then proceeded to head down to the front desk to try and get another room. The guy at the front desk was really polite and understanding of our need for more room cos we had a lot of equipment and luggage. He was nice enough to upgrade us to a suite whoooo. so moved all our stuff up there and fuuuu so much room. went to ralphs to get some stuff. Then went back, shower slept wake up in the morning.

Day 1

Woke up fairly early. but didn't get to the con till around 3 lol XD We were waiting for the other people in the room to get there. Eventually everyone else was there were all there,  Christine, Marissa K :iconlittlemissmint: and Aleu :iconxaleux: Went to the disney gathering that they all needed to get too. got there late. had to run out for a bit to hand nick a room key so he could drop off more stuff and pick up his cameras. Met up with Jimmy :iconchingrish: and Barry :iconnintentoys: and aoife, stas, shaunna, aoife's siter, Ro, and some other people at the gathering. Ro took em outside for a bit for individual shots. Took forever to get to that location because the group kept getting stopped for pics. ran into friend jan while heading to location, waved said hi then continued forward, since I couldn't see in the red contacts. oh eyes you horrible. one of them folded at one point and I had to take it out. took a while to get it back in, thanks Barry for holding the mirror and getting the contact cleaner from Jimmy when it fell on the floor >>. anyway after they all got their individual shots Ro took us all out for dinner, like holy shit thanks Ro that was awesome XDD. the group split a little though, because some people didn't wanna eat mexican which is cool I think they stayed at yardhouse? I would've too but fuuu that line. anyway we sat eat, the wait staff were idiots. though, they bought my food, which was an appetizer to someone else in the group that had gotten an entree. then when they figured it was wrong, didn't even bring them their actual order. so I think Ro got charged for someone's entree when they only got an app, ridiculous service. waited about ninety minutes for my food, and my sprite -_- seriously how hard is it to pour sprite then bring it to the table. anyway after that group split again, and Ro went with those of us that didn't get our badges yet to see if he could speed us through registration. they were closed though :/ but his friends would've given us our badges if they hadn't run out of the badge paper. but he hooked it up for us to come back tomorrow morning and get our passes quick. anyway I split from the group to go meet up with Roxie, her little cousin, Nayarit, and Nick. We were all going to go back to the hotel since it had the right look for a kuroshit shoot since Roxie was Alois and Nayarit was Claude. But Nayarit had to leave early cos yea SD is far and it was about eight or nine now XD They were really hungry though so walked with em to the subway, while Nick headed up to the room first to get things ready. ate in the room then headed down to the ground lobby of the hotel to shoot. Had a difficult time trying to get Roxie to be serious on the piano or look like she was playing lol XD And then this really drunk white guy dropped into picture lol dude was so drunk. Anyway my and Nick traded off shooting, and lights and trying to keep a serious face on Roxie which was difficult. after that walked with them back to the shuttle back to con center then drove me back to hotel. go get some food with nick head back oops what where's our room key XD end up waiting and talking down in the ground lobby and eating while waiting for the others to get back. back into room later. sleep onto next day

Day 2
My feet died this day. they hurt so much >< never had that problem in those shoes before. Anyway we were suppose to get to the con early but nope didn't make it. XD ended there around 12. guy at reg wasn't there to help fast track us to badges so we decided to walk around till about 3 so the line would be less of a hassle. split with the group I came to the con with to go eat with Barry and the others at yardhouse, marissa and heather join us at this point. eat steak, clam chowder, and have a margarita. mmmm goood. my check needless to say was in excess of 60$ then head back with Barry and Jimmy so they can change back into Yoshi and Birdo because meeting up with Aoife, Stas, Shaunna and the others for a night shoot. Takes forever to meet up with them again XD but we finally do. Their mario group ends up on Fox News with a bunch of random people that just wanted to be on tv. Shoot Shaunna in her completed Halloween Town Sora, since she'd been asking for a night shoot with that cosplay. She told me the action figure of the character that I got her for her birthday helped to complete it too so that was nice to hear. those pictures turned out pretty great imo. Then shot Aoife And Stas as Princesses Peach and Daisy respectively. And then we broke off cos I'm pretty sure we were all exhausted by now, especially Barry and Jimmy in those cosplays. They gave me a ride back to my hotel and I walk into this little room party going on. I pretty much immediately get a cup and start pouring myself some absinthe, and one guys like whooa there hold up that stuff's strong. and I'm like I know its my bottle. Get some absinthe in me, share some, then head to the AX dance with some people. dance for a bit. then get text from work. XDD texts go back and forth back and forth. assigned work with deadline of friday, make note of it and forget about it XD. go back to hotel room, go back into room with a whole dr. drew session/theme going on. whateves its happened before. sit down talk with people. then sleep. on to next day at AM2 with Roxie and Cinthya for their WCS competition right?

Day 3
Wake up early, well like 2 hours of sleep maybe 3 XD AM2 plans nixed because the cosplays weren't able to be completed on time :[ all that work everyone put in too, and my video giving people seizures XDD. that ends up giving me time to shoot Aleu in her kida at the hotel's underground pool, those pics came out great too. Then shuttle ride to bus. End up walking to the ihop to meet up with Roxie, Cinthya, and Cinthya's friend Alicia for breakfast, nope just get their get a text from her saying they'd just left XD they were just around the corner though at the ralphs. so walked there to meet them. they bought some chips, and this snack thing and yogurt drinks I think? walk with them back to their room a the jw marriot. oh hilarious story, text Roxie in the morning asking her which marriot they're at and she's like there's two? lol text back yea the jw and the downtown. she's over at the downtown one instead lol XDD. ok back on point. in their room, relax eat their food XD, eat a whole bag of chips. end up helping them sew and glue, and put together the cosplays for a shoot later that night, since we weren't going to make AM2. We decide to order a pizza for dinner, since there wasn't really anywhere affordable for eat nearby and we didn't wanna walk or drive. trying to order from Pizza hut, end up on hold, hand Roxie's phone back over to her because I'm getting a call on mine. Roxie can't order on the phone apparently so oops they can the call just as I tell my call I'll call them back and take her phone XDD call back on hold again, mfw pizza hut says they're only doing carryout right now -_- I wanted a stuffed crust pizza damnit. order from dominos instead get pizza, mmmm get 2 slices per person still kinda hungry XD. anyway we manage to finish their cosplays by now. its like 12 of so? lol finally walk outside the hotel for a bit, to do a shoot with Alicia in her lolita outfit. Then we head back up for Roxie and Cinthya to change into their Angelic Layer cosplays we'd just finished, Roxie as Hikuru, Cinthya was Athena. took a while to get them in the cosplay. had to hotglue the used pads onto [inside joke XD but dirty one] Hikaru, and fix/glue Athena's shoulders. Went down and did a shoot ar around 1 or 2? XD got some nice pics from that that I will put up as I finish. We had to cut the shoot a little short, because Cinthya's Athena shoulders weren't holding right :/ So we went back they changed, met up with Cinthya and Alicia's friend andy and had a little hallway party lol. Alicia was nice enough to make me a margarita with the tequila they had - I'm not a fan of tequila - but the drink tasted. She had actually made us all one early before we went shooting lol XD [wasn't the first time I've done a shoot drunk. probably not the last. just boss like that] Now we had to drink outside because their roommates were asleep in the room, on both the beds. how you gonna let the only two girls in the room sleep on the floor. anyway so I leave with Roxie around like 3:30 so she can give me a ride back to my hotel XD get back to my hotel around 3:45, she somehow made it back home half asleep. walk into room greeted by tipsy Marissa A, and drunk Nick lol. All decided to go get more juice to mix more drinks cos they ran out. don't get back to room till around 6 lol, by this time they'd decided not to drink, I had a couple, then packed most of my stuff before napping a little. onto next day? not really its already the next day more like on to the morning.

Day 4
Wake up at like 8? go oh shit, because I asked Roxie to get to the hotel early, since she's my ride home and I need to pack all my stuff in her car. Check my phone for any messages, and none until I'm about to put it down and get a text from her saying she'll be there a bit late XDD told her where to park cheap and the room number so she could just park and come up to the room in case I wasn't ready by the time she got there. So shower quick. brush teeth, hair it up. pouring myself a drink from Nick's disaronno bottle, I asked first. fuuu love that stuff goes down so smooth, and tastes like caramel to me. just as I'm done pouring it, knock on the door open so Roxie can come in and sit on the couch and doze off for a bit since she was still exhausted. got everything ready. Then we did two trips to the car with my stuff, got all my luggage first time, needed the cooler the next. Afterwards we headed towards the JW Marriot, to go meet up with Cynthia and Alicia again. Apparently they didn't sleep much either XD Anyway Cinthya was sewing the shoulders onto Athena, and Roxie needed to sew some stuff onto her Hikaru. but she was tired and ended up napping first lol. I ended up taking a nap too XD. We wanted to go check out the exhibit hall before it closed early, but their room key was missing, so Roxie volunteered to stay behind to nap more anymore. so off the rest of us went. found some pretty good deals, I didn't spend all my money woo-hoo. Just got this bargain pic little figures of gundam seed characters, actually I only wanted the Lacus, but its a pack so ya know, but only 5 bucks XD. and I picked up a code geass art book. and that's about it. we made it back a little before 4, which was good and just in time because we had a shoot planned with Roxie as Simca and Kitty :iconrappydemon: as Kururu, and Dexter as Ikki at 4. so she finished changing and had to borrow my belt cos she forgot hers derp XD anyway head back to the con center with her to meet the others and we do the Air Gear shoot out and about the con center, easier since there was barely anyone there. After this it was back to the room for her to change into Hikaru. then back out with Cinthya as Athena and more shoots in and around the con. oh and this dude gave us free CPK pizza slices lol. Finished this shoot, met up with the others again and hung out for a bit, before heading back to the room again so they could change out. trying to decide what to do. eventually go with Cinthya, Alicia, and Andy to little tokyo for dinner with their friends, oh and they packed up to leave that night cos well roomies yea /coughwimpscoughs/ So get to Little Tokyo around nine? everything's closing early cos of 4th of july XD. ended up eating at one of the few places still open. It was good though. and mmm sake haven't had that in a while. We were on the fence about seeing transformers 3 in imax, but no way we were gonna make the showing so gave up on that. Got dropped back off, and helped them bring more of their stuff down to Andy's car since he was their ride. Then Roxie drove me home. bought her a mocha frappe I think it was at the walgreens by my house so she wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel on her way home, I would feel bad if that happened. You'd think I'd just crash now but nope take care of some stuff, play some vidya, watch some tv. pass out around 4 lol. wake up at 12, my dad comes in asking me if I was drinking tequila now. I'm like lolwut? and then I remember Alicia gave me the tequila bottle, and I left it out in the living room with my bags lol. yaay Thanks again.

Ok so tuesday night, Cinthya was still deciding what to do for her birthday on thursday, and Alicia wasn't able to get a seat on her flight so she was going to be there to, but then she got another one wednesday night. Still decided to do something thursday even if it was small. But wednesday I realized it wasn't tuesday, fuuu AX ending on monday screwed me lol. So I had to stay up and rush getting this work assignment done for friday, I mentioned it earlier in this clusterfuck of a journal. Well I finished. And on thursday Roxie picked me up to head up to Cinthya's for the bbq bday party, bought meat, and veggies for the bbq. no one had a working lighter, so we walked to 7-11. yes walked because Cinthya's terrified of Roxie's driving lol. got back, tried forever to get the fire going. Roxie tore out pages of a VS catalog to burn for fire lol, nope didn't work. AND she almost lit my arm on fire, actually I think it might've singed my arm a little XD. Cinthya's friends had gone out to pick up some stuff and got lighter fluid so wooo that was good. hmm actually I think when we got the lighter fluid was when Roxie almost set me on fire XDD. no more lighter fluid for her. oh and she dropped the aluminum and we had to get more XD. We ended up not using anymore of the aluminum though because it burned. badly. roxie ended up cooking some of the meat, I cooked the rest. and just as we finished Barry and jimmy arrived for the shennigans. And we all at and at some point Roxie got alcohol and cake and it made her crazy XP I had some alcohol and was relatively normal. We all hung out for a bit, took some pictures. Barry and Jimmy showed Cinthya the fabric they got earlier for the cosplays they were doing. And I think we started wrapping things up after that. Helped clean up then Roxie drove me home. For me alcohol keeps me up, so I was pretty much up all night working on stuff. before sleeping in the morning. XD and she reminded me I had to check in for jury duty too so that was good cos yea fines are not cool. Now I think that's it

TL:DR AX was fun, Mostly hung out with people, at the con for a far less time then I usually am, got barely any pictures, someone was right about my pictures being all of Roxie lol well likes 80%? give or take. now I just need to put mustaches on all of them and I'll be finished.

You'll be all happy to know that my assignment was well received wooooooo. And so umm well I guess that's it for this past week in AX and post AX shennigans. I'm entirely sure I'm missing something here so throw something at me if you feel I missed something
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